6 Best Password Manager Apps for Android

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Password manager is now an essential app for every smartphone. It’s impossible to remember the password for each website. Security experts recommend that you have a different password for each website. It is impossible to remember every password. Password Manager allows you to easily learn and protect the passwords. This guide will show you the top password manager apps available for Android.


1Password is a great password manager and comes with many useful features like password management, password generator, cross platform support, and more. You can also share your passwords with friends and colleagues securely using the app. The fingerprint unlock feature is also supported. The app offers a 30 day free trial. After that, you must subscribe to one their premium plans, which start at $2.99 per monthly.

2. Manager for aWallet Password

aWallet is a big player and has been around for many years. It offers many useful features, including password management and the ability to store banking information, as well as credit card information. You can assign a custom icon to each password and use the built-in search function. The built-in password generator can be used to create unique passwords. You can also use the AES or Blowfish encryptions to protect your passwords. The app comes with a limited version, which is free. To unlock all features, you’ll need to pay $3.49.

3. Bitwarden Password Manager

Bitwarden Password Manager may be a new app, but it’s a great one. This app’s main feature is security. It comes with many security protocols and technologies like AES256 bit encryption, salted havehing, and PBKDF2-SHA256. This is basically a technology to stop brute force attacks, which are a common way of attacking password manager services. It is open-source and free to use. Bitwarden is a great choice if you are looking for a password manager that is security-focused.

4. Enpass Password Manager

Enpass Password Manager can be used as a simple but powerful password manager. The desktop version of Enpass Password Manager is also available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It includes basic features such as backup support and 256-bit AES encryption. Cross-platform support is available. Password migration can also be done. It supports auto-fill passwords for Google Chrome. The paid version costs $9.99 and has fewer functionalities than the free version.

5. Password Manager and Safe

Password Safe and manager is another security-centric password manager that doesn’t need an internet connection to work. It also features 256-bit encryption to protect passwords. It has a Material Design UI that makes it simple to use. It can be used to categorize passwords and generate passwords. You can purchase the paid version for $4.99, while the free version includes in-app purchases.

6. Password for Google Smart Lock

Google Smart Lock Password, another popular password manager, is also available. It works with Android Platform, Google Chrome and Chrome OS. The prompt will appear when you log in to any website. The password is saved on Google servers and the prompt will appear when you try to log in again. Although it’s a basic password manager, it isn’t as secure as other apps. Security depends on how secure your device is. If you are visiting non-secure websites, or the dark internet, we do not recommend that you store your sensitive passwords there.

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