The 10 Best Small Lifestyle Business Ideas In 2022

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These 10 business ideas will help get you started on your entrepreneurial journey. You will find that most of these ideas require a partner in credit card processing to get started. This allows you to keep your upfront costs low.

For inspiration on the different types of businesses that can launch you to success, read on.

1. Consulting

Consulting can be a great option if you’re passionate and knowledgeable about a particular topic. It is possible to start your own consulting company, grow it and then hire other consultants.

2. Online Reselling

You might be interested in selling clothing online. It takes dedication, time and a keen eye for fashion to start an online reseller business. You can turn your side hustle into a full-time business. Start by selling your clothes on online stores like Poshmark or Mercari. Then you can expand to your own resale site.

3. Online Teaching

Entrepreneurs have many options available because of the demand for online education. This online business allows you to choose any subject and teach any course, regardless of where you live. You can teach English online to students who don’t have a lot of knowledge about a particular subject if you don’t have any.

4. Online Bookkeeping

Many bookkeeping services can be done online, just like education. You can start your own online accounting service if you’re an accountant or bookkeeper and want to be your own boss.

5. Service of Medical Couriers

You have to be able to drive a reliable vehicle, and you must have good time management skills. You would be responsible to transport medical items such as prescription drugs, lab specimens and equipment. You can either start your courier company on your own, or hire drivers to help you.

6. App Development

You might consider a career as an app developer if you have the technical knowledge and experience. Mobile apps are becoming more popular as a daily accessory, which has led to an increase in demand. Virtual reality software is also very popular, which means that there is a high demand for VR app development.

7. Digital Marketing

While the internet is becoming more important every day, it’s also becoming harder for businesses to make their online presence known. Many small and medium-sized businesses prefer to outsource digital marketing services rather than hire expensive in-house staff. You could be able to start your own business if you are skilled in content marketing, SEO, pay-per click advertising, web development, or social media management.

Digital marketing is an integral part of any brand’s marketing strategy. You’ll need to be responsive to changes in your clients’ strategies. Social media management involves monitoring for comments and messages throughout the day, rather than scheduling posts with a “set-it-and forget-it” mindset. Digital marketing is a great business if you are a good at planning and executing marketing strategies. Affiliate marketing is another type of digital marketing.

8. Graphic Design

All businesses, whether they are sole proprietors or corporations, need attractive promotional materials. But not everyone has the eye to design great materials. You can start your own graphic design company if you are an artist and have the ability to arrange content in a pleasing manner. Graphic design doesn’t require any other tools than a computer and a desk.

9. Printing T-shirts

You might also enjoy screenprinting other people’s designs onto T-shirts, just like graphic design. You can acquire all the tools you need to get started if there is enough space.

10. Writing a Resume

There are many reasons people apply for jobs. Most job applications require applicants to submit resumes detailing their professional history. Resume writers can make job applicants stand out among their competitors by creating compelling resumes.

Your clients will also benefit from your assistance in creating portfolios and cover letters that showcase the best of their work. You don’t even need to have any formal education to become a resume writer. All you need is basic organizational and proofreading skills. You’re already on the right track if you understand what makes resumes professional and ready to be seen by employers.

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