[ Full Guide ] 7 Best Minecraft Weapons & Gun Mods

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We have listed all mods below on Minecraft 1.19.2 Update. If necessary, we also added compatibility details in each mod’s description. The list is not ranked. You can explore the table below and choose the ones that you like.

1. Minecraft Dungeons Weapons Mod

Mojang developed Minecraft Dungeons, a sister game to Minecraft. Both games share a similar aesthetic but have contrasting gameplay. The MC Dungeons have a remarkable collection of powerful weapons. Vanilla Minecraft is hard to beat.

This is where the mod comes in. The MC Dungeons Weapons Mod port most of Minecraft Dunegons weapons to the main Minecraft game. These weapons are the exact same style and functionality as their counterparts. These weapons are compatible with vanilla worlds because they share the same base worlds.

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2. Modular Powersuits

It’s exciting and fun to get new weapons in Minecraft. What’s even more amazing is the possibility to make a weapon. This mod for Minecraft guns and weapons does exactly that. This mod gives you an Iron-Man-like suit with a range of high-powered abilities. The suit allows you to fly, fire power bullets and take on all retro Minecraft hostile mobs.

3. Weapon Throw

The majority of weapons in Minecraft are based on direct combat, leaving aside bows. To make the most of the weapons available in Minecraft, you must be close to mobs. This Minecraft mod allows you to throw swords or axes.

To give the throwables special abilities or deal more damage to your enemies, you can add special enchantments. Your weapon will become stuck if it misses the target or hits a block. You don’t need to worry though, because there is an enchantment that will recall your weapon back to it. This is similar to the loyalty enchantment that exists for tridents in Minecraft.

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4. APM Gear by Attack on

Every anime fan knows the name Attack on Titan. The anti-personnel maneuvering equipment is one of the many unique elements in this iconic series. This unique gear allowed the characters to climb vertically, swing between them and move at high speeds to defeat titans. This weapon mod makes it possible to accomplish all of this in Minecraft. This mod also includes a lot of weapons from anime if you don’t like the movement.

5. Gunblades of YDM

According to the modder, the mod gives you your own “set of mass destruction” and it looks like they are right. There are four types of gun blades available, each with six different types of ammunition with powerful abilities. You can craft any equipment you need in this mod and you will not be attacked by hostile mobs.

6. Fusion Warfare

The majority of weapon and gun mods for Minecraft have deadly weapons, but they are limited in number. These weapons are powerful enough to kill a few mobs, but can be overwhelmed by large numbers of zombies or creepers. This Minecraft weapons and guns mod will give you the ultimate power.

This Minecraft mod adds weapons, missiles, and other fusion-powered weapons to the game. Fusion Warfare is not only destructive, but also offers a range of new power sources such as solar panels and fusion reactors.

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7. Mod for Minecraft: Soggy’s Guns

Most Minecraft weapons and mods for guns port guns from other games or make copies of real-world weaponry. The Soggy’s Guns mod is unique because it brings Minecraft completely new guns. Arrowinator, egg gun and snowball staff are all included.

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