[Full Guied ] How to Beat The Maze Royale High

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Many players have trouble beating the Royale High maze. The Wickery Cliffs developers added this area to celebrate Halloween. It is difficult to navigate the maze. There are ghosts that will hunt you if your stay in one spot too long. Let’s quickly look at how to beat Roblox Royale High’s maze.

  • Begin by visiting Wickery Cliffs.
  • Turn right at the Mt. Blackwood Cavern.
  • Go inside to find the middle path. On its right, you will see a pumpkin.
  • Next, turn left to find black-green rocks.
  • Now, move towards the lights and then leap down.
  • Continue following the lights straight.
  • Keep jumping and take a right.
  • Continue to go straight towards the ground. Here you should see a floating candle.
  • You will see the chest at the other end of the cliff.
  • Turn left, ignore the chest, and jump straight.
  • Continue straight to the black-green rocks, and then pass the black portal.
  • Jump off the ledge to go straight.
  • Another right leads to the bottom.
  • Take a left toward the lights.
  • Continue walking until you reach the floating candle.
  • Continue walking a few steps and then turn left. You must reach the top.
  • Once you have reached up, continue to go right.
  • Then, jump down to see a purple crystal in your face.
  • From here, turn left
  • You will reach the end by passing through the black wall.

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