How to Fix Overwatch 2’s Rendering Device Error

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Overwatch 2 players have been searching for a solution to the Rendering Device Lost error from Blizzard. This error is caused by a TDR (timeout detect and recovery) incident that occurred while you were playing the game. There are some things you can do to fix it. Let’s now look at how to fix Overwatch’s Rendering Device Lost issue.

These are just a few ways to fix this problem.

You should update your drivers, no matter what game you are playing. It is always a good idea to keep your graphics drivers and other drivers current. You can manually download your drivers from the site to keep them current. You can also use apps such as Geforce Experience for Nvidia or Radeon Software For AMD. After your drivers have been updated, restart your computer and then you can play Overwatch 2.

This will restore your default clock speed if you have an overclocked CPU/GPU. You should be able to return it to the default speed, then you can play Overwatch 2 without getting this error.

Windows Update: It’s a good idea to update your Windows. Go to Settings, then Update and Security. Check the Windows Update section to see if there is a new version. Then, update your OS and reboot your system. Once that is complete, you can start the game.

Close Background apps You can close any background apps that you do not need. The rendering device lost error should disappear if you play Overwatch 2.

You can also try reinstalling the game. Reinstall the game on your computer.

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