How to Fix Pokemon Go Errors

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1. Close the App and Open it

You should close the Pokemon Go app and relaunch it if you get a Pokemon Go Unable To Authenticate error. This method can be used for the following devices

Smartphone phones with Andriod, 4.3, 720×1280 pixels and GPS.

iPhone X or later / iPhone 8 and earlier

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2. Visit the Niantic Labs Support page

The developer of Pokemon Go is Niantic Labs. Visit the Niantic support site if the app is not opening or closing. This method can also be used if you are wrongly banned from playing the game.

3. Register for a Pokemon Trainer Club account

Logging in to a Pokemon Trainer Club account (PTC) can help you solve a Pokemon Go Unable To Authenticate error. These steps will help you verify that you have a PTC Account.

  • Click on to log in
  • Enter your username and password
  • Select Edit Profile to select Pokemon GO Settings.
  • Accept and read the Terms of Use

The third step will be completed and you’ll receive the message “Great!” Now you are ready to start playing Pokemon GO. You can also change additional settings in the Pokemon GO App.” However, if you don’t see it, go to the fourth step.

Click on the New Player option and tap on the Pokemon Trainer Club to play the game. Fill in your details.

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4. Reinstall the Pokemon Go App

Is your Pokemon Go Unable To Authenticate Error still displaying? You might need to uninstall and reinstall Pokemon Go App from your device.

  • Deinstall the Pokemon Go app on your Andriod/iOS phone
  • Go to the Google Playstore or App Store and download the most recent version of the game.
  • Go to the Settings menu and activate the Airplane Mode
  • Open the Pokemon Go app.
  • As the screen loads, the Google Sign-In Screen will appear. Do not ignore the message “You Do Not Have an Internet Connection”.
  • After the screen loads completely, the prompt for signing into your Google/Facebook/Pokemon Trainer account, but don’t sign in yet.
  • Go to the Quick Setting Menu, and turn off the Airplane Mode
  • Wait until the message “You Do Not Have an Internet Connection” appears on your screen.
  • Now sign in with your Google/Facebook/Pokemon Trainer Account and play the game.

5. Avoid having multiple Google accounts

You may get a Pokemon Go Unable To Authenticate error if you have multiple Google accounts. This issue can be avoided by deleting all accounts and leaving one Google account.

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