6 Essential Tips and Tricks to Opera’s Mobile Browser

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Opera is an excellent browser for iOS and Android users. These are the essential features of Opera’s mobile browser.

Opera is a reliable desktop browser. However, it has had a mobile browser since long. The app has been around for a long time and has received millions of users. It also receives useful updates that keep it alive.

Opera has added many features that are not visible to most users. These are just a few of the many Opera mobile features that you may not be aware of.

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1. Data Saver

Opera Turbo, like its desktop counterpart has a data-saving mode called Opera Turbo. Opera Turbo is a data-saving mode that redirects your traffic through Opera’s servers. This allows you to browse faster and save data. It searches for elements on webpages that can be compressed, such images. It reduces what it can and returns the data to your phone.

It can be enabled in the Data Savings settings. Clicking it will bring up a dashboard that allows you to see how much data Opera has saved. You can also manually adjust the quality of rendered images.

2. Offline Pages

Opera’s ability to save links for later is another useful and often overlooked feature. Simply tap the Offline Pages option located in the menu bar beside the address bar.

Opera will immediately download the page. It is possible to access the page later using a second Offline pages link located under the red Opera icon in the bottom-right corner. If you don’t wish to download an app, this is a great way of keeping some pages on your commute.

3. Themes

There are three themes that Opera offers. One of these themes is a dark one. The other two themes are mostly white while the third one has red accents. Opera themes can be applied from the Appearance page under Settings.

Opera also offers a Night Mode. This will turn off the brightness and activate the black theme. Opera, unlike some other browsers doesn’t apply a dark overlay to webpages.

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4. My Flow

You can use a continuity tool called My Flow if you end up switching to Opera Touch, and you also want Opera on your computer.

My Flow lets you seamlessly share content between Opera’s desktop and mobile apps. Push links, text and images. It’s also integrated into almost every aspect of your experience. For example, if you find an image that you like and want to send it to your phone while browsing your desktop, you can right-click on the image and select the My Flow option.

Opera will also show a shortcut to My Flow if you choose a piece text. Opera doesn’t require a My Flow account. All you need is a QR code on your phone to activate it.

5. Image Search Shortcut

Opera offers a shortcut for people who search Google images rather than text. To quickly search for any image online, you just need to long-press the thumbnail. Tap the action titled Search Google For This Image in the contextual menu.

6. Google Translate

Opera also has Google Translate integrated. Simply go to the page that you wish to convert to your preferred language, and then click the Translate button under the three dots menu.

Opera will automatically translate the page into the language you set up the app. You can update this language option in the settings.

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