6 Ways to Make your Android Phone Charge Faster

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Can an Android phone be charged faster? Yes, but it all depends. The speed at which your phone can charge faster depends on many factors such as the technology used in its construction.

This is because the battery, the charging brick, and even the cable have an impact. Other external factors can also affect the power supply current, health, and state of the device, among other things.

As we mentioned, each phone has a limit on the amount of energy it can absorb at a given time. Technology continues to improve, and OPPO’s VOOC charging technology is now the fastest available technology for charging smartphones.

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1. Use the Charger Brick and Cable Provided by your Device Manufacturer

This is the best thing that you can do to protect your device’s health.

The charging brick and cable included with your phone are specifically designed to protect your battery. You don’t want to damage it by using a brick that delivers too little or too much voltage.

This is not always true. Some android devices can fast charge but the brick may not be included in the original packaging. You might have to purchase it separately. However, for our sakes, avoid generic chargers. They are cheap, but they will harm your battery over the long-term.

2. You can Charge Directly from Your Wall Socket using your Charging Brick

Yes, you can charge your phone directly from the wall if the current is right.

You might feel tempted to charge your phone using your laptop with the advancements in technology and availability of USB ports everywhere. Heck, even the fan standing beside me has a USB port. There’s also Qi wireless charging technology that’s more advanced and fascinating.

It’s fine to charge your phone with a charging pad, but not if you’re using the new OnePlus device or the 30w wireless charger.

While wireless charging is great, you can also use the brick and cable to charge your Android phone faster.

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3. Fast charger

The fast charger brick may not come with your Android phone if your phone supports fast charging. However, if your device supports fast charging, you may be able to purchase it separately.

Redmi Note 8 pro, for example, has an 18W fast charging capacity. The 18W fast charger brick came in the box. If yours did not come with one, it’s a good idea to get one.

4. Charge your Phone Before You Use it

This is a common mistake. While it may seem appealing to charge your phone while you use it, it is generally not a good idea.

The charges get used up and they are replaced. This is one way to cause damage to your battery. It won’t charge faster if you use your device while it is charging.

5. While charging, turn off Mobile Data

It’s a smart idea to not use your phone while it charges. This will allow your phone to cool down and charge more quickly.

It is a good idea to make sure that nothing else is running, as this will help your battery charge. This can be increased by turning on airplane mode. This will stop all battery-consuming processes.

6. Current Check

It might not matter if you live near a source of great electricity, but it is a good idea not to charge your phone with too much or too little energy.

You don’t want it to blow up your charger or device.

These are all great options for budget-minded Android users. You can also check out the mid-range Android phones. The Realme device on this list has fast charging capabilities, as do the Huawei devices.

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