How to View Your Followers on Twitch using an iPhone or Android Device

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In the beginning, Twitch was primarily used on laptops and desktop computers. You could stream live streams from your computer or watch them on your laptop. Since its inception, the Twitch app has seen many changes and eventually appeared on tablet and mobile app stores. The app was initially designed to allow you to stream the content of your favorite streamers.

The creator of the app decided that users should be able to stream live video from their smartphones as the app gained popularity. You can stream live videos from your phone.

What does this have do with followers? Although you can stream live video from your smartphone/tablet device, there are not as many options as when you use the computer. This is due to the dashboard available on both the browser Twitch and desktop versions.

This dashboard is the only way to see your followers’ lists.

You cannot view Twitch followers through your iPhone/Android app, but you can view them in another way. Here’s how you do it.

  • Open the Twitch App.
  • Navigate to the profile photo, and tap it.
  • Tap your profile photo again.

The profile view should be displayed. Below your photo is the list of followers.

We’ll show you how to do it across all platforms.

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