How to Make Fish Steak in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Cooking is a favorite part of Disney Dreamlight Valley. This involves not only making the meals, but also hunting down the ingredients. You can make friends with Disney characters by completing quest-related cooking tasks. One quest has Goofy asking you to prepare a Fish Steak. This dish is part of the 3 Star meals, and can be purchased for Star coins. We’ll show you how to make Fish Steak at Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Here are the ingredients you will need to make the Fish Steak at Disney Dreamlight Valley.

  • 1x Basil – Can be purchased from the Peaceful Meadows.
  • 1x Tomato – Can be bought at Goofy’s Store.
  • 1x Any Fish – Can be obtained from any Water Body.

These are the items you will need to locate in order to make Fish Steak. You can grab your Royal Fishing Rod to fish if you are having difficulty catching Fish. You can catch fish quickly by looking for white bubbles in the water.

You can buy Tomato Seeds if you are unable to purchase them. Once you have all the ingredients, put them in a pot and begin cooking Fish Steaks for your friend. Make sure to grab 1x Coal to begin the cooking process.

You can sell the 3 Star dish for 100 Star Coins after you have successfully made it. This is how easy it is to cook the Fish Steak at Disney Dreamlight Valley. Here’s a recipe for Grilled Vegetables & Vegetarian Tacos.

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