How to turn off Your Media Alarm on a Google Home

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To turn off your alarm, just say “Stop” when your favorite song wakes or reminds. You might need to say “Hey Google! Stop” if you wait too long. You can tell your alarm to snooze, but it will still play for 10 minutes if you don’t.

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You can also tap on the device to stop the alarm. To stop an alarm on a Google Home 2nd Generation, tap the top. To stop an alarm from a Google Nest Mini tap the middle of the device. To stop an alarm on a Google Home 1st Generation, press and hold the center of the device.

To turn off your alarm for a Google Home Max tap the line at the top or right. Tap the middle for the Google Nest Audio. Finally, if you have a Google Nest Display, tap “Stop”.

You can snooze your media alarm by saying “Snooze”. You can also control how often the alarm goes off. This can be done by saying “Snooze for 10 mins.” You can also cancel an alarm using the voice command “Cancel my Alarm”. If there are multiple alarms, your Google Assistant will ask which alarm you wish to cancel. Just state the exact date and time of the alarm.

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