How to add Watermarks to PDFs on Windows

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The Best PDF Editor – EaseUs PDF editor

EaseUsPDF is your one-stop shop for PDF reading, editing, converting, and making. This software makes it easy to customize any PDF file. It can convert PDF files between PowerPoint images and WordPress. Let’s not stop there.

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It can insert or delete text, images, and links, crop or extract PDF pages, as well as add or remove any other information.

  • Six interactive controls let you customize your PDF form.
  • You can search for and replace any PDF part while also changing the background.
  • You can easily add Bates numbers in multiple PDFs for easy access.
  • To protect your PDF documents, set a password and a watermark.
  • How to add watermark using EaseUs PDF editor

Step 1: Install the software onto your Windows PC. Next, go to the “Open File” section to import any PDF files you would like to add a watermark to. To select the “Watermark”, click on the “Pages” option in the “Page Design” section. Click on it to open the drop-down menu and click the “Add” button.

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Step 2: The pop-up tab “Add watermark” will open. Step 2: You will need to enter the watermark section. You can also customize your watermark by changing its size, color, and font.

Step 3: Next click on “OK” to apply your settings.

Step 4: To save changes to the PDF file, click on the “Save” button or “Save As” option.

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