How to Back up Your Andriod Phone to a PC

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You can keep your files secure by sending them to your computer via USB, Bluetooth or third-party apps. Each of these options can be used with a Windows laptop or desktop.

How to Backup Your Android Phone to Windows PC via USB

A USB cable is the easiest and most common way to backup your Andriod Phone. These steps will allow you to transfer your files to Windows computers.

  • Connect one end of the USB cable to your Andriod Phone.
  • Tap on the Notification panel, scroll down to the USB connectivity option, and tap the Charging Via USB button.
  • Click on the “Use USB For” option, then choose File Transfer.
  • Click the file explorer icon on Windows. Scroll down to the name of your device and click to open. Choose the files that you wish to back up and then copy them to your Windows PC.
  • After you have sent the files, remove your phone from the computer. Go to the taskbar, click on “Safe to Remove”, and then follow the instructions. You can now remove the USB plug from your computer and Andriod phones.

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How to Backup Your Android Phone to a Computer via Bluetooth (Windows 10).

This alternative is available if you don’t own a USB cable. It is faster than the cable method but it is still a great way to save your Andriod files. Here are the steps to back up your Andriod smartphone to a computer via Bluetooth.

  • Click the Settings icon on your smartphone to activate Bluetooth.
  • Tap the Start Button on your computer and select Settings -> Scroll down to Devices -> Choose Bluetooth -> Find the name of your Andriod smartphone and tap the Pair option.
  • Choose the files from your phone and tap the Share icon. Select the Bluetooth icon to send the files.

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