How to Disable the Keyboard in Windows 11/10

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You can disable your laptop keyboard in Windows 11/10 by either disabling it from Device Manager or the keyboard port service.

Another way to disable Windows keyboards is to force it to use a device drivers that it can’t use. It is not something that we recommend, but it can be done if all other approaches fail.

Method 1: Use the Device Manager

This is the simplest and safest way to permanently turn off your laptop keyboard. However, it may not work with all models. In Device Manager, to disable a device:

Step 1: Open the device Manager. The device manager can be launched in one of two ways. You can either right-click the Start Menu to access WinX Menu, select Device Manager, or press the Windows logo key +R to open a Run dialog box. Type devmgmt.msc directly into the box and then hit Enter to launch the Device Manager.

Step 2: To enlarge the Keyboards section of the Device Manager, locate it and double-click it.

Step 3: In the Keyboards section, you will find a list listing all keyboards connected to your computer. To select the keyboard, right-click the entry.

Step 4: Select Disable from the context menu. Next, click Yes in the dialog box to confirm your action and turn off your laptop’s builtin keyboard.

Don’t be alarmed if the context menu doesn’t include a Disable option. Instead, you will see an Uninstall choice. Clicking on this will allow you to uninstall the drivers of the built-in keyboard, rather than disable it. Next, a dialog box asking you to agree to the action will appear. Click OK to confirm and then uninstall the drivers.

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It is better to delete the drivers for your laptop’s keyboard than to disable it. Windows 11/10 might do this after you have identified the keyboard. You will need to go back to Device Manager to remove the built-in keyboard drivers.

Method 2: Disable Service that Controls PS/2 port

The majority of laptop keyboards are connected internally through this port. If the above method doesn’t work, you can also disable it through the port that handles input and data for PS/2 ports. Once we shut down the service, no one will have access to that port’s data. We’ll then turn off the power.

Follow these instructions to deactivate the service that manages your PS/2 port.

Step 1: Type Command Prompt into the search bar, and then select “Run administrator”.

Step 2: After restarting your computer, your laptop keyboard should not be functional.

Step 3: If you need to re-enable your keyboard, you can follow the instructions below

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