Intel Unison App: Pair Support for Android & iOS with PC

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The company made several other announcements at the Intel 13th generation desktop processors announcement event. One of these was Unison, a cross-platform collaboration app.

This app allows your Android smartphone to be connected to your PC. The best thing about it is that it supports iOS devices as well, since there isn’t an app for iOS.

1.Intel Unison App: Supported devices & Features

It seems that sharing photos from your smartphone with a computer via physical connectivity is too slow. Although wireless connections are now allowed, there are still very few options, like the Phone Link feature by Microsoft.

Unison is a new app that will allow you to connect your phone to your computer via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can manage files, notifications, messages and calls, even if you cannot make calls.

This app won’t be supported on all Intel-powered Windows devices. It will not be supported on all Intel-powered Windows devices, but only on those with Intel Evo 12th Gen CPUs.

It also needs Windows 11 to function, which means it can only be used on new and future devices. It is not known if it will be available on other PCs.

This app does not have the ability to capture your smartphone’s screen and stream it on your computer.

2.Intel Unison and Microsoft Phone Link

You may have already used Microsoft Phone Link. However, it allows you to only share photos from your smartphone to your PC. Unison, Intel’s cross-platform collaboration app allows you to share any type of file.

Unison will be getting more features soon, which is another difference. This was also mentioned by the company in its announcement.

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